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PEZ Candy

PEZ Candy

I predict new playground craze of 2011 about to begin

They probably have been for some time but yesterday, for the first time in proper donkey's years we found PEZ in a shop.

Part of the spinoff merchandising for Toy Story 3, we found PEZ dispensers with 2 candy refills at W H Smiths, with three different designs, Rex, Woody and a the third one I cant remember.

Anyway I pointed it out to my son who was looking for sweets, but he seemed a little nonplussed. After a bit of cajoling we managed to convince him that these were the candy choice he wanted so he got one. DONT ask how much it cost - I know there's been a fair bit of inflation since 1974 but honestly...

He now loves it and has spent about an hour opening the little head, taking a sweet out, trying to shove it back in again, tipping them all out, getting them stuck in the tray sideways, and generally investigating the fascinating mechanical genius that is the PEZ dispenser.

This morning he came running into me and said "Daddy I really love PEZ" which would warm the heart of any cold hearted candy marketing executive.

Now where the HELL am I going to find some refills...


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